The Art Revolution

The first community, where you can discover secrets, lies, forgeries & more about the Art World

Go With The Flow The Madness Roadmap

1 MadArt will be published every week. Each of them will be part of a collection that will be mintable on completion. You can find them on the following platforms

We will close the week with 1 MadArticle published on Friday. You can find them on the following platforms

3 collections will be released each year. These are the ones to come for the year 2023

  • 1 Mad Illustration collection
  • 1 Mad Rag Doll collection
  • 1 Animal collection (Africa, Dinos, Sea)

The year 2023 marks the beginning of the MadCloth collection for the Metaverse. Each year it will be expanded with exclusive pieces.

The Value My Promise

All the pieces are non-generative art, created by the one and only madland artist, Trsa Fau.

Creation MadArt

This art will represent the community.

It has its own style, and very recognizable characteristics. Totally handmade and non-generative, so each artwork is unique and incomparable.

The 'Dark' Side of the Art MadArticles

I’ll provide neutral fact, to let you arrive to your own conclusion, what later you can share with us…

All the information will be accompanied with the source bibliography, I believe, other investigators should be recognized and appreciated for their job.

The Creator TRSA Fau

Hi, I’m Trsa, Graphic Designer and Creative Art Director in our own studio, ONCE Graphic.

I have come a long way since I introduced myself in the Art World, studied Fine Arts in the University and Master in Conservation and Restoration of the Cultural Heritage, specialized in Expertization (authentication). Over the years I continued expanding my knowledge and expertise to digital art.

Is the first community for those, who are aware, that is more in the art, that they tell us, and interested to know more, the truth. It will be the revolution, speaking, learning and sharing about the dark side of the art, the secrets, that the art institutions – like museum or galleries – don’t want to share – fakes, lies, forgeries and more in the Art World.

The best part, you don’t need to have a higher understanding about art and history, everything will be explained clearly to my maddnerz.

Speaking about the MadArt, it’s and always will be non-generative, only produced by me – Trsa Fau – and this is a promise; and that makes a big difference, due to the projects generally created by groups.

It gives you the opportunity to be part of something new and unique that will reshape what is known in the art world. You will become part of the first community where the secrets of art are revealed and discussed openly. An unconventional perspective from the hand of an art restorer who specialises in the subject. will end up becoming the symbol of the truth of art and will show that you belong and do not conform to what they tell you; you want to know their lies and trickery. And you will not be alone, you will connect with others who have the same interest.

And don’t forget that, thanks to your support you help me to continue researching, creating and dedicating all my time to this community. Thanks for becoming a madland ambassador.

Don’t miss the occasion to be part of this unconventional community and become a maddnerz.

Generative art is created with AI, using smart algorithms in order to produce thousands of images.

Since Bored Apes became “standard”, significantly more people desire to hop into this “bubble”, and each day more useless art is generated this way. I don’t have any interest nor intention to follow this path, therefore, MadArt is non-generative. The final pieces are unique and irreplaceable.

Not all the art created in a generative way is bad, but as an artist, I feel that something is missing, the magic, what only a personal touch is able to give you. If we can produce art in series, where is hiding the creativity and originality?

I’m not just an artist, but an art restorer, specialized in expertization, a process of the authentication of art pieces.

All the information and bibliography will be provided, so you can always refer to the source yourself.

Since I started to read and learn more about NFT-s, I became more interested and arrived at the conclusion that Metaverse is also part of the future.

I always like to be a bit different, and expressing my personality through my dresses/clothing, why not do it in the virtual sphere too?

I do consider it as a speculation game, and also, as a depreciation of the art, therefore, I will not have white list.

Some thoughts behind:

All the effort given to the community disappears, unfortunately, it’s like buying followers and likes for a limited amount of period.

Mostly, the members of this list are traders, with only one objective, which is to enter in the list, inflate the market price and leave after reselling the asset.  

Madland is a young project. It is still too early to know what the interests of the maddnerz will be.

In the future I plan to introduce some kind of reward exclusive to NFT owners, either access to additional content or giveaways of new NFT-s.

ONCE Graphic is an animation company that I co-founded with Karoly Buzas, my partner. This project has given us the opportunity to fulfil our dream, to work for ourselves, while providing us the freedom to travel around the world. A lifestyle that we have fortunately been able to build after years of effort.

Thanks to this adventure I expanded my knowledge in digital art and started to read and get interested in the metaverse and NFT. Without ONCE Graphic it would have been very difficult to give the final form to Madland, so I decided that the best place to show my personal project is through the company that helped me to achieve it.