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    Our company feels great responsibility to take care and preserve the environment. This is due to the journey we made through Southeast Asia; there we encountered the terrible situation that we humans generate in natural areas, especially in the oceans. We were in dream beaches, however there is such a contamination that if you dare to swim you will take an infection as a souvenir.

    This trip opened our eyes, and that’s why we like to work with companies that respect the environment, that have policies to carry out practices that help its conservation, that work with recycled materials…

    The payment method we use is bank transfer or Pay Pal. It is generally divided into 3 parts:

        • First payment: after signing the contract, 10% of the total agreed amount is transferred (non-refundable). When the transfer is received, we will start working on your project. No project starts until the first payment has been made.
        • Second payment: 60% will be transferred after the first review.
        • Third payment: the other 30% will be transferred after the completion of the project and before delivering the final files.

    As your project is unique and different, the budget will be prepared according to your needs.

    The intellectual property and use of the project will pass to you once the agreed amount has been paid in full. Until that moment, the ownership of the project belongs to ONCE Graphic Studio S.C.

    We reserve the right to publish on our website and social networks the projects we have developed, for promotional purposes only.

    You can add additional design work during the process of a project. But you must take into account that, this will suppose an additional cost since its development was not considered in the initial budget.

    An annex will be added to the existing budget or a new contract will be made, in which case the delivery times can be modified and the agreed method of payment must be followed.

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